My newest publications….

  • L. Zavagno, “’Islands in the Stream’: For a new history of the large islands of the Byzantine Mediterranean”, Mediterranean Historical Review 33.2 (2018): 149-77.
  • L. Zavagno, “Reassessing the economy of Byzantine Islands between Late Antiquity and the early Middle Ages (ca. 600- ca. 850 A.D.)”. In K. Dörtlük, Ö. Tekin, and R. Boyraz Seyhan (Eds.), Proceedings of the Second International Congress of the Anatolian Monetary History and Numismatics, 5-8 January 2017, (Istanbul: Suna Inana Kiraç Research Institute, 2018), pp. 477-84.
  • L. Zavagno-B. Kizidulman, “A countryside in transition: the Galinoporni-Kaleburnu plain in the passage from Late Antiquity to the Early Middle Ages (ca. 600–850),” in Památky archeologické 109/2018: 233-51.

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