• Convener of the Panel “Beyond the periphery: Islands of Byzantium between 7th and 13th century” at the 23rd International Congress of Byzantine Studies, 22-27 August 2016, Belgrade


  • Scientific Board Member of the VII MedWorlds Conference- Mediterranean Worlds: “Socio-economic and cultural exchanges in the Mediterranean: continuities and ruptures/ Continuité et rupture dans les échanges en Méditerranée”, Université de Toulon, Toulon, France, 15-17 September 2015.


  • VI MedWorlds Conference- Mediterranean Worlds: “Symbols and Models of the Mediterranean”, Università della Calabria, Cosenza, Italy, 9-11 September (Co-0rganizer and Panel Chair).
  • International Medieval Congress, Leeds, 6-9 July 2014. (Participant)
  • Colloquium ‘Transforming Sacred Spaced. Approaches to Byzantine Ecclesiastical Architecture from the Transitional period’, 14-16 May 2014, Ludwig Maximilians Universität, Munich (Invited Participant)




  • III MedWorlds Conference- Mediterranea Worlds: Cultures of Interpretation. University of Salerno, Italy 6-9 September 2011 (Co-0rganizer and Panel Chair).
  • Seminar “Imagining the Mediterranean: Landscapes of Multi-cultural and Culinary encounters” (EMUUniversity of Parma), Eastern Mediterranean University, Famagusta 7 April 2011. (Organizer)


  • II MedWorlds Conference- Mediterranean Worlds: Cultures of Interpretation. Şehir University, Istanbul 3-6 June 2010 (Co-0rganizer and Panel Chair)



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